Meditation Zafu Cushions

category Our meditation zafu cushions are the perfect compliment for your meditation practice. Each zafu is handmade by Buddhist practitioners who employ the art of mindfulness when crafting each meditation cushion. These Japanese zafu cushions are tight enough to keep you propped up but soft enough so that they provide long-lasting comfort during lengthy meditation sessions. An opening in each zafu will allow you to adjust the fill, allowing you to make the feel softer or firmer depending on your preference. Each zafu is available with two choices for the inside stuffing -- kapok or buckwheat hull. Kapok provides a firm fit, while buckwheat conforms more to your body. Choose the one that best suits you. Additionally each Japanese zafu meditation cushion is double-stitched, has a 100% cotton duck shell and comes with a carrying handle for easy transport. Crafted with love and care, our zafus will become an indispensable part of your meditation practice. Use them for meditation sessions, when eating, reading, studying or just chatting with friends. We have a beautiful selection of standard colors to match almost any decor along with patterned zafus for those who prefer or a more vibrant and upbeat style.