Wooden Wall Maps

Wooden wall maps are a fantastic way to decorate any wall in your home or office. These stunning wood wall maps are created with the latest technology in wood cutting. Each wooden wall map is a work of art that will also serve as a great conversation piece for your friends and family. All our wooden wall maps are handmade of birch plywood, which is a high-quality wood. Many people also like the wooden wall map accessories we offer as an option. These allow you to mark the various places you've been to or would like to visit. These incredible wood maps are not just decor, but a memento of your past travels and future destinations. Each wooden wall map is shipped safely and securely around the world (please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery). All our wooden maps are easy to install on your wall. They use a special double-sided sticky tape, which is included with the map. Assembly is roughly 2-3 hours. Maps can be removed from the wall if done carefully. Please email or call us for instructions. Also, please note that the color of the wood can be slightly different in real life than in our pictures. This is because all wooden wall maps are made of natural wood, with each piece having its own shade. Finally, note that our wooden world maps do not include every country and island, as some smaller countries and islands may be omitted.

If you're looking for truly unique and beautiful wall decor, perhaps nothing can beat our 3D wooden world maps. The wood grain maps are made of natural birch plywood, which is a furniture grade type of wood. The colored maps use high quality MDF fiberboard for perfect flatness and consistant colors. We use special laser technology to etch each one of our 3D wooden world maps. This is a process that was only first invented a few years ago. Each 3D wood world map you see below can be purchased in a variety of sizes. We also offer two different options for detail -- either blank or with country names. The large and extra-large size have most capital names as well.

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Our wooden world map accessories are a great way to mark your map. Please note that unless explicitly stated, none of these accessories come with the map -- you'll need to purchase a map to use these accessories. Once you select your wooden wall map, you can then choose one or more world map accessories to mark the important places. Most people like to use the accessories to note the places they've traveled to or wish to see.

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