An amulet is an object, drawing, image or inscription instilled with magical qualities that keep away bad spirits. Amulets are particularly big in Asia, where Thai amulets can be seen in every taxi and almost every car. If not seen on the dashboard of a car, these sacred amulets are mostly worn around the neck or seen in ring form. Each culture has its own representation of what a good luck amulet is.

The Thai amulet usually features a Buddha in the meditating position. 95 percent of the people in Thailand are Buddhist and believe that wearing a Thai Buddha amulet will ward off evil spirits and offer protection. Those who wear protective amulets generally believe that an impersonal power is inherent in the amulet. The history of amulets actually goes back a long way, all the way to the ancient Egyptians.

Sacred amulets can feature any type of design or shape, including Buddhas, buildings, food, holy buildings and even garlic (to ward off vampires). Metals of different varieties are also used to make each amulet talisman, such as gold, silver and iron, which is generally believed to guard against evil spirits and people. Sometimes, sacred amulets consist of a drawn or written magical formula or a sacred figure. Each amulet is really unique and each serves the purpose of protecting the one who wears it. Although many rational and scientific-minded people may scoff at those who wear protective amulets, millions of people worldwide still wear them and believe in their powers.