Indoor Water Fountains

category Indoor water fountains are a great way to enhance the appearance of home or office while using the successful principles of feng shui. All of our indoor water fountains give off the gentle and melodic sound of flowing water while cleaning and rejuvenating the air at the same time. Studies conclude that indoor fountains can help clean indoor air better than most air cleaners. Indoor water fountains can also remove dust and neutralize potential viruses and bacteria from the air. Cultures and peoples who live near flowing rivers often enjoy robust health due to the healthy negative ions given off by the water. The same principle is at work in indoor water fountains. Besides the gentle flowing sound they give off and their crisp decorative look, indoor fountains could be the solution to difficulties with breathing and certain respiratory illnesses say certain studies. The cool, fresh running water of an indoor water fountain also helps to reduce stress while promoting feelings of peace and tranquility. A natural relaxer, indoor water fountains seem to magically transport you to a beach, river or soft running brook. Each of our interior water fountains comes with an adjustable pump. Increase or decrease the intensity of the water flow for a soft melodic sound or a louder more prominent one. Additionally, our indoor water fountains create a white noise effect that helps reduce outside noise and can help promote better sleep. With all of these benefits, our indoor water fountains will pay for themselves many times over in the first few months you use them. All of our indoor water fountains are made with natural materials such as rock, copper and bamboo and is uniquely designed for a stylish and elegant look that will fit any decorative setting. See our complete and beautiful selection of fountains today.