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We at Oriental-Decor.com have traveled throughout Asia to find the most beautiful wall scrolls available. Dozens of beautiful Chinese wall scrolls and Thai wall scrolls are available right here for purchase. Browse through our entire collection of wall scrolls to find just the right one for your decorative needs. We have three distinct lines of wall scrolls for all budgets. Our Chinese scroll paintings are all hand-painted on thick rice paper by skilled Chinese artists for a truly authentic look. Handcrafted in China, each Chinese wall scroll is made to be the highest quality for a truly magnificent Asian inspired look. We also carry a superb line of Oriental scrolls, hand-painted in Thailand by master artists. Our Thai wall scrolls are very attractively priced and make for excellent Oriental decoration in any setting.

category Our wide selection of original, high-quality, hand-painted Chinese scroll paintings reflects over three thousand years of Asian tradition and heritage. Hanging scrolls such as these in your home can help bring harmony and clarity to your surroundings and remind you of the extraordinary beauty that can be found in the simplest of settings. The bamboo scroll paintings are perhaps the best known examples of this ancient technique--with only a few colors of ink and their handmade brushes, the Chinese scroll artists evoke subtle emotions with the simplest strokes. Our Chinese wall scrolls are unique, one-of-a-kind works - when a scroll sells we remove it from our website. One of the reasons that Chinese scroll paintings are so popular with modern art lovers is that they can be hung on the wall easily without a costly frame, saving you hundreds of dollars!

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category Oriental Scrolls have been used as decoration for over 2,000 years by the Chinese. Beautiful and elegant, they represented one of the highest ideals of Chinese art. Now you can bring a touch of the Orient to your home or office with any of our authentic Oriental hand-painted scrolls.

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category The Chinese have been using scroll paintings as decoration for over two thousand years. Now you can continue the tradition with our beautiful line of Chinese scrolls. All of our Chinese scrolls are ink print on rattan and include a string for easy hanging. Choose from dozens of Chinese scroll themes, including tiger scrolls, dragon scrolls, bamboo scrolls, flower scrolls, animal scrolls, and many more. Set them on any wall to create an instant Asian decorative touch. Order yours today!

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category Any of our stunning Chinese print scrolls are ideal for decorating that empty space on your wall. Less expensive than hand-painted Chinese scroll paintings, but still beautiful in every detail, these marvelous works of art will add a zestful Asian theme to any spot in your home, office or business. Choose from a wide selection of motifs, sizes and colors. We have magnificent print scrolls with Chinese characters that are simple in design but will add an elegant look to any area. We also have Chinese print scrolls with timeless Asian motifs, with gorgeous color and detail, including koi fish, dragons, landscapes, birds, cherry blossoms, cranes and more. Decorate your walls with these fabulous print scrolls from China to enhance your home and continue the long-standing tradition of the Orient. See our full selection below.

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