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Wall Fans

Oriental-Decor.com carries the largest selection of hand-painted wall fans on the Internet. We have four distinct categories of painted folding fans, with something for everyone. These all original bamboo-framed, hand-painted wall fans must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. We have two sizes of wall fan. The small sized wall fan is 24" high and opens to 40" wide. The large wall fan is 35" high and opens to 60" wide. Check out our complete selection of wall fans today. We have dozens of colors and styles to match almost any decorative theme.

Oriental Wall Fans

When the Oriental Wall Fans are unfolded they measure 60 inches in width and 35 inches in height. The smaller sized fans measure 40 inches in width and 24 inches in height. These wall fans make the ideal decorative item as they are large, attractive and low priced. We at Oriental-Decor.com are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wall fans at the most affordable prices anywhere online.

Chinese Wall Fans

We have one of the most diverse and beautiful selections of Chinese wall fans on the Internet. All of our Chinese wall fans are hand-painted and inspired by Chinese designs. Bright and colorful, our Chinese fans are ideal for creating an instant Asian decorative effect in any room. Our Chinese wall fan designs include many popular Asian themes, including the iconic Chinese dragon, Chinese cranes, colorful peacocks, bamboo trees, cherry blossoms and awesome landscape fantasy scenes. Come browse our entire Chinese wall fan selection today.

Decorative Wall Fans

Our Decorative wall fan section is for those who are looking for hand-painted wall fans without Asian inspired designs. Animal lovers will certainly appreciate our decorative wall fans, as most of them contain beautiful animal scenes. Some of our most popular selling painted folding fans can be found right here. Among our best selling decorative fan designs are tigers, dolphins, parrots, elephants, jaguars, wolves and magical unicorns. These awesome decorative fans make an amazing decorative impact on any wall. View our colorful and cool decorative wall fans right here.

Asian Wall Fans

Our Asian wall fans have a classic and distinctive style uniquely different from all of our other wall fans. Each Asian wall fan is a specially handcrafted work of art fashioned in the Asian style. These fans from Asia have an exquisite gold leaf background, black-painted bamboo wood and colorful hand-painted designs. Additionally, each Asian fan includes strings on the back that allow for easy mounting. These classic Asian wall fans are some of the most beautiful Oriental decor that we carry and will make an extraordinary centerpiece on any wall.

Velvet Painting Wall Fans

Velvet paintings are an established kitsch tradition -- and these velvet painting fans aren't your ordinary velvet Elvis! These unique and beautiful wall fans use brightly colored paint against a velvet background to create a spectacular look. The bright paint helps the fans to stand out in dim lighting conditions. Decorate your home or office with our special, handcrafted velvet painting wall fans available in 40" (height) and 60" (height) sizes.

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