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Wall Decor

We carry a great selection of beautifully crafted and Oriental-inspired wall decor. All of our wall decor is ideal for creating an instant Asian feel in any room while providing a great decorative effect. For an elegant statement, try any of our magnificent framed wall mirrors. We also sell a unique line of handcrafted and hand-painted Asian wall carvings that will add an exotic touch to any wall. If you are going for a more classic look, don't miss our Asian prints. Our Asian prints make great wall decor and are available with quality wood frames that look fantastic. If you are trying to create an antique look, check out our Japanese prints, all of which are patterned after famous ancient Japanese prints.

Thai Framed Paintings

Not many art objects will light up your wall and brighten your room like our Thai Framed Paintings. These exquisite hand-painted masterpieces are all created in Thailand by a local artist who has devoted his life to the craft of painting.

Asian Art Wall Stickers

Transform your space easily and inexpensively by turning a whole wall into a spectacular Asian setting.

Asian Glass Pictures

Asian glass pictures are a brilliant way to add a colorful decorative flair to any room. Each of our Asian glass pictures features a hand-painted scene reminiscent of life in ancient China. Bold and vivid colors come to life through the glass, creating a beautiful effect. This is done by painting the reverse side of the glass. The glass is actually the canvas for the paint! All of our Asian glass pictures come in a quality rosewood frame with a brass hanger on the back for easy mounting. Each Asian glass picture measures 10.5" in height x 15" in width. Decorate your home or office and bring any room to life with our magnificent Asian glass pictures.

Asian Prints

Outstanding attention to detail and the artist's magnificent skill in capturing the feel for the moment are the defining qualities of our Asian prints.

Wall Carvings

Wall Carvings - large hand carved wooden wall carvings are one way to add a touch of Oriental elegance to the walls of your home or to decorate your office. Our wall carvings are painted gold on black and all have a hook on the back for effortless mounting.

Japanese Prints

These magnificent replicas of antique Japanese and Asian prints are composed and printed on carefully prepared and aged paper to create an authentic look and feel.

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