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Decorative Umbrellas

We carry one of the largest selections of decorative umbrellas on the internet. All of our colorful and attractive decorative umbrellas containoriginal designs, are made of all-natural materials and are available intwo sizes. Our skilled craftsmen paint each umbrella by hand to bring anauthentic Oriental touch into your home. Decorative umbrellas can becarried as a fashion accessory, placed attractively in any room, hung ascreative lampshades, or just propped attractively in a corner.

Fashion Umbrellas

All of our colored fashion umbrellas were inspired by the long tradition of Oriental umbrellas that date back over two thousand years in China. Each of our fashion umbrellas is handcrafted and hand-painted, distinguishing each piece as a unique work of art. Place them as decoration in your home or use them for protection from the sun; some of our fashion umbrellas can be used in the rain as well.

Oriental Umbrellas

Our Oriental Umbrellas are made from Saa paper with beautiful prints of Chinese designs on their shades. They can be placed anywhere for great Oriental decoration or used outdoors for protection against the sun. Each Oriental umbrella is lovingly handcrafted by a master artisan and reflective of the work and dedication put into them. Makes a great gift as well.

Parasols and Sun Umbrellas

Our parasols, or "sun umbrellas", depict a flower theme on various colors of shade. Each shade color is symbolic of a particular meaning in Asian culture. Choose from 8 different colored sun umbrellas. Each parasol makes for delightful decoration or a great way to keep out of the sun.

Paper Umbrellas

Our paper umbrellas are perfect for decorating any setting providing an Asian inspired look wherever they are placed. These beautiful Chinese paper umbrellas can also be used outside, to offer protection from the sun.

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