Silk Paintings

Each of our Chinese and Japanese silk paintings is exquisitely hand-painted with Asian-themed motifs for a beautiful decorative look. These attractive silk paintings can be mounted on a wall (brass hangers are included on every painting) or made to stand upright on a table or floor. Choose from paintings in the Chinese style that evoke images of modern and ancient China, or paintings in the Japanese style that are reflective of Japan.

Make a statement in any room with our wonderful selection of hand-painted Japanese silk paintings. These paintings vary in size and price and are a fraction of the cost of a comparable print. Each silk painting reflects a part of the Japanese culture and can be used to create Asian style decor in any setting. Mount these beautiful works to your wall or stand them upright on a table or floor, having them serve as standing art pieces or privacy screens.

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All of our Chinese silk paintings are hand-painted and handcrafted for authentic Asian-inspired decoration. Large (3 feet x 6 feet) and impressive, these dramatic Chinese silk paintings are all painted on gold leaf silk in the brush art style of the Song Dynasty from the 10th century in China. Many of our Chinese silk paintings contain landscape scenes, which have been painted for more than 2,000 years in Chinese history. This expressive medium was painted on many forums, including silk paintings. In variance to Western art, the Chinese artist conveys his emotions to the canvas, creating a piece that always speaks from the heart. Our Chinese silk paintings carry on this long standing tradition with fabulous Asian decorative themes. Use these magnificent Chinese silk paintings to evoke images of the Orient while enhancing the look of any room. Each Chinese silk painting can be mounted on a wall or stood upright on a table or floor. Additionally, they can be used as a low privacy screen.

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