Silk Cushion Covers

When it comes to home decoration, cushion covers are a decorative feature that is usually overlooked. The right silk cushion covers can be the difference between a fabulous decorative look or a mismatch of colors that just doesn't work. Many people spend so much money for the right furniture and paint color, so why not spend a little more and get silk cushion covers that compliment and enhance those pricey items, instead of detracting from them?

Silk cushion covers or silk pillow cases are a fast and easy decorative fix. The right silk cushion covers can work miracles on even the shabbiest of sofas and rooms. Best of all, silk covers are inexpensive, durable and look great. Thai silk covers are a great choice for decorating your sofa or any room in your home or office. It's as easy as slipping on some colorful and attractive Thai silk cushion covers and brightening up any faded decorative area. You can use silk covers on beds, sofas, love seats and chairs.

Thai silk is usually produced in the north of Thailand, where many garments are produced. The Thai people are experts at producing silk goods and have been doing so for hundreds of years. The throw pillows and silk covers they make are some of the finest quality cushion covers in the world. The famous late Thai silk king, Jim Thompson, was one of the first Westerners to bring the Thai silk market to the world's attention.

Dramatic color combinations and bright tones are a trademark of the Thai silk manufacturing industry. Some silk cushion covers are hand-painted with Asian-themed designs, while others are made with dried flowers, creating an amazing and natural look that is more like art than simply home decor. When decorating your next room, think of capping off the appearance with stylish and colorful Thai silk cushion covers, and watch the room come alive. You'll be amazed at the results.