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The history of needlework and silk cushion covers dates back to more than 3,000 years ago in ancient China. As one dynasty changed into another the skills involved in producing cushion covers of silk steadily improved. With each succeeding century, the design of cushion covers became progressively more complex, with needleworkers including richly, detailed images of Buddhist icons and those from nature in their covers. Recently, needlework has improved to the point that it is at its all-time apex, with folk artists embroidering silk cushion covers with flowers, birds, mountains, water, animals and more.

Thai cushion covers are influenced in large part by China and India, where the heritage of needlework also stretches back for centuries. In general, the craft of needleworking was transmitted from one generation to another either through family ties or an apprenticeship. The use of silk cushion covers is appreciated as much now as it was over a thousand years ago. In India, as well as China, cushion covers, mostly of silk, are an important constituent of exquisite home decorations and equal elegance and comfort.

Beautiful and eye-catching, Thai silk cushion covers come in a vast range of colors, stitch patterns and designs. Cushion covers from Thailand are typically made with exquisite embroidery inspired by natural scenes, religious symbols and different floral and geometric patterns. No matter which design, Thai silk cushion covers display a rich range of colors, supreme workmanship, and some are decorated with various bead work, out of which various patterns are formed.

Now you can continue the rich tradition of home decoration with our elegant and fabulous silk cushion covers, direct from Thailand. Place them around your home, on chairs, couches and beds for fine decorative effect.