Resin Statues

Comparatively new to the forum of statuary art are resin statues, which are made from fiberglass resin, a resilient, durable synthetic polymer. The advantage of this resin over more traditional forms of casting is it's ability to retain all of the detail of original works while simultaneously offering superior durability. Besides that, resin statues weigh less than cast-stone statues and consequently cost less money to ship.

Resin statues are also stronger than some of the other materials used in casting statues. Unlike some other materials, resin is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Another benefit of resin statues is the flexibility involved with regards to the finishing options for them. Resin statues can also be made to imitate the look of ancient stone, bronze, marble and even porcelain figures.

In some instances, hand-painted polychrome finishes can be realized. Although a statue cast in resin presents all of the aforementioned benefits, they can crack under extreme temperatures, most notably temperatures under 0 degrees Celsius. If the resin statue is placed outside, it needs to be brought in if the temperatures drop below freezing, as the statue may crack. But on the whole, they will provide years and years of great decoration without a hitch.

Most resin statues from are molded in the form of figures symbolic to the Orient. Many resin statues symbolize Buddha, some symbolize Hindu Gods and others just depict regular people, like villagers. Whichever oneyou select, it is sure to be the perfect addition to any room. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted and made in Thailand. Don't forget to view our complete selection of resin statues at