6 ft. Tall Footprints of Enlightenment Double Sided Canvas Room Divider

The main theme of this vivid art screen is Buddha, shown meditating in the traditional lotus style with green halo.

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This colorful art room divider is a reproduction of the original Tibetan art scene that is so popular in that culture. The main theme of this vivid art screen is Buddha, shown meditating in the traditional lotus style with green halo. This scene was created to convey the exact moment the Buddha reached enlightenment. Immediately to the right and left of Buddha are powerful demons representing the base desires. These desires are known as temptations in Buddhism. By remaining steadfast in his focus, Buddha overcomes them all through the power of his mind. The particular way the Buddha is holding his hands in this scene is a message. His left hand is left in meditation but the right hand is down, meant to summon the earth to see his moment of triumph. There are at least 5-6 other scenes with Buddha on this screen, but much smaller. Each one shows a point in his life and development. If you are into Buddhism or Buddhist art, this incredible art screen may be the ideal choice. Use it as a stand-alone art piece and as a way to create privacy. It is only available in three panels and the screen itself is double-sided, with the picture you see featured on both the front and back of the screen.

  • Brilliantly colored reproduction of the Tibetan original.
  • Printed on natural canvas stretched around a strong wooden frame.
  • Artwork appears on both sides.
  • Double-sided hinges fold in both directions.

Additional Info

Includes 3 panels, each 15 3/4"W x 70 7/8"H
Display: approx 39"W x 70.875"H (folded, as shown)
sprucewood frame and ink print

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