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This is one of our loveliest and most eye-catching paper umbrellas. It features beautiful and bright magnolia flowers with butterflies on top of them.

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This is one of our loveliest and most eye-catching paper umbrellas. It features beautiful and bright magnolia flowers with butterflies on top of them. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, this umbrella will help you make it. The magnolia flowers in the image have the liveliest color on the outer of the petals, while the innermost surface is more of a creamy white. Magnolia is a very attractive flowering plant, which belongs to the Magnoliaceae group. There are approximately 210 species of magnolia which differ in color, shape, size of the flower, and kind of habitat.

In Japan, one of its beautiful spring-flower trees is the Japanese magnolia. These flowers open its furry buds in March before the foliage comes. Compared to the native magnolia from the south, this Magnolia flower is deciduous and falls its leaves during the winter months. The flowers blossoming on leafless branches are visible.

The flowers are big and showy, and it comes in different colors like light yellow, dark reddish purple, rose-purple, lavender-pink, and white. The flowers vary in size from approximately 4 to 6 inches across, often bigger. The Japanese magnolias typically spread from 10 to 15 feet and grow to approximately 15 to 25 feet tall.

When magnolia flowers are young, its petals are held upright, offering the flowers a uniquely tulip-like look. As the flowers grow, the petals tend to open more and lay down, making many saucer-shaped flowers. Its flowers have a musky to spicy fragrance.

This striking magnolia paper umbrella is our gift for those people who want to remember the wonderful blossoms of spring. Use this umbrella for astonishing Asian decor, or use it when you go out of town for a stylish look, and protection from the sun. Can also be used in performances, cosplay and as a fashion prop.

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32" Diameter x 21" Length
Oiled Paper and Wood
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Video Transcription for Spring Flowers

You're viewing our Spring Flowers paper umbrella.

This umbrella has a shade diameter of 32 inches.

It is 21 inches in total length from the very bottom to the very top on the shade.

You can see a beautiful design of Magnolia flowers and butterflies and this umbrella can be used for protection against the sun.

Use it inside for decoration or in a performance.

That is a paper shade print with a bamboo frame there.

You can see the intricate wood lattise and stitching at the bottom of the umbrella.

There's a red ornate tassel to add a beautiful design and the umbrella is easy to open easy to close.

See it and purchase it at our website oriental-decor.com.

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