Fabulous Peacock

This Chinese paper umbrella is another creative and aesthetic option. Its design is colorful with a balance of interesting elements.

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This Chinese paper umbrella is another creative and aesthetic option at Oriental-Decor.com. Its design is colorful with a balance of interesting elements. It features an excellent presentation of moutan peony and a fabulous peacock, making it catchy and imaginative. There are also other flowers that come in different colors and sizes, enhancing the overall appeal of this bold paper umbrella.Besides the peacock and peony flowers, there is also a butterfly at the side and a boat. All elements make this Asian parasol look like a classic. But it also has a modern appeal because of the lively color of moutan peony. Its balanced color and design prove it to be a worthwhile umbrella for indoor decor or as a fashion prop.

This beautiful moutan peony and peacock paper umbrella is perfect for protection from the sun while achieving a stylish and fashionable look. It is also an ideal prop for cosplay, drama, dance, and other performances. Plus, it will also provide you awesome decor for your home. And weddings and parties only come to life more when this umbrella is around.Like other Asian countries, moutan peony is the pride of China. Perhaps that is so widely used in the country's artwork. With its vigorous color, lively petals, and fragrance, there is no doubt that the peony is popular among the Chinese. It is a species of tree peony, called Paeonia suffruticosa. Compared to others, it is a woody perennial shrub known for its beautiful and large flowers. Originally, its habitat is in China. But now it can be found across the world for its beauty, longevity, and hardiness.

To say a little more about this lustrous flower, it can typically be grey-brown in color and its stem reaches 4 to 10 feet. Its leaves are dark green. Its branches are sparse. Its most stunning feature is its large and magnificent flowers. Its blossoms come in different shapes such as single, double, semi-double, and Japanese. A single-shaped blossom has a single layer of petals. A semi-double has two or three layers. In a double, the center of the blossom is not visible. When it comes to Japanese, it is a bit similar to semi-double.

Every time you use this stunning Chinese paper parasol, it will surely catch the attention of admiring eyes. Imagine the level of happiness and satisfaction you will have with this special paper umbrella. You'll create noise in the town. If you are using it as home decor, envision coming home to an amazing room at the end of the day. You can open it in a corner or hang it from the ceiling. Whatever your ways of getting the most out of this peacock and peony umbrella, it will add a little extra to your life.

This unique and handmade Chinese umbrella is only available at oriental-decor.com! For more information, CONTACT us! We have a team of professionals to handle all your queries.

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32" Diameter x 21" Length
Oiled Paper and Wood
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Video Transcription for Fabulous Peacock

Introducing our Fabulous Peacocks paper umbrella.

This umbrella has a 32-inch shade diameter.

It is made of paper and bamboo and it's 21 inches in total length it features a very dazzling design of a peacock with peony flowers.

Extremely colorful and vivid, this umbrella can be used for decoration inside.

Take it outside for protection against the sun or use it in a performance.

And that's a printed design: beautiful peacock, really, really striking colors.

Underneath you can see the wooden frame with the stitching very beautiful and it has a red tassel at the bottom for a beautiful ornate look.

Easy to open and easy to close, carry this umbrella with you or just take it home.

Find it on our website at oriental-decor.com.

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