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Another paper umbrella to consider is our cosmos flower. Like our other umbrella designs, it is beautiful and appealing. It features pink cosmos flowers with a touch of green leaves that balance the hues.

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Another paper umbrella to consider is our cosmos flower. Like our other umbrella designs, it is beautiful and appealing. It features pink cosmos flowers with a touch of green leaves that balance the hues. The colors of this Chinese umbrella are simple, yet ideal for lovers of pink and most females. Though it is not as bold as some other umbrellas in our selection, it conveys a sense of calmness that is relaxing. The flowers look like they are fluttering in the breeze, and can vanish all worries away.

In China, one of the common yet appealing flowers is the cosmos flower. As one of the cherry blossoms, these pink flowers bloom in the autumn. Their slender and delicate form swaying by the breeze makes them appear to be more soothing to the eyes. Unlike other species of flowers in the country, they are flexible enough that they can withstand extreme weather. They can start and bloom again from the tips of their stems. Cosmos is an attractive flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is the family of Daisies, Asters, and sunflowers. The peak viewing season in China usually starts from mid-September to early November. Explore China during the said months when planning to have a first-hand experience of the cosmos flower. Or, the next best way to view, would be to purchase one or more of this spectacular cosmos umbrella!

This paper umbrella, featuring the cosmos flower is a versatile option. It can be used as art prop indoors and perfect for sunshade outdoors. Whether you go on a trip or shop out of town, it will stylishly protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. What makes it even more flexible is that it can serve as a good fashion prop. This umbrella can instantly boost your fashion sense and people will want to know where you bought this gorgeous pink umbrella. Wherever you go, you and this cosmos paper umbrella can catch people's attention and interest. Aside from that, our products are ideal props for dance, drama, and photography. You can also use it for a wedding, making the event more special and remarkable. It can also serve as excellent interior decoration, boosting the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial space.

This cosmos flower paper umbrella is of high quality. It is a handmade umbrella, full of Chinese features. It is not only handcrafted, it is also able to protect you from the heat of the sun while enhancing your looks. Wear an appropriate outfit for the day to maximize the effect of this pink paper umbrella.

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32" Diameter x 21" Length
Oiled Paper and Wood
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Video Transcription for Pink Blossoms

This is our Pink Blossoms paper umbrella.

This umbrella is 32 inches in diameter and 21 inches in total length.

It is made of paper and bamboo.

Here you can see the beautiful pink shade and that's the cosmos flower on the umbrella.

Very pretty.

Different shades of pink, some white, green.

And this umbrella can be used as indoor decoration, take it outside use it as a fashion statement, or for protection from the sun.

Has a beautiful red tassel at the end.

Easy to open, easy to close, and this umbrella can also be used in performances.

And there you have it, our Pink Blossoms paper umbrella.

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