Historical Water Towns

This is one of our popular and imaginative paper umbrellas. It features a water town in China with a flower pattern at the left part and Chinese writing at the top of the shade.

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This is one of our popular and imaginative paper umbrellas. It features a water town in China with a flower pattern at the left part and Chinese writing at the top of the shade.

Surrounded by canals, lakes, rivers, and the three parts of China that includes the "golden triangle" of ancient towns mostly run on the water. Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Shanghai create this pyramid-shaped area called as the "Venice of the East", loaded with decades of years of history and towns established around complicated canal systems.

Both tourists and locals still get around by some hand-controlled boats - and often, the captain of the boat will even sing to you with ancient Chinese folk songs. Traveling the most pleasing seasons (autumn and spring) at water towns are always a great experience. The nightfall and the morning are the most charming times of the day.

There's a Chinese maxim - "a small bridge, flowing river, families." It is an ideal description of the water towns in China Apart from the ancient households, meandering rivers, old bridges, ancient opera stages, old pavilions and temples, dye houses, and classic gardens are still preserved in most of the water towns.

This stunning water town paper umbrella is our present for you that you can use as a fabulous Asian decor, and as protection from sunlight. Once you carry this umbrella with you when shopping or strolling, expect people to be staring at your umbrella. This makes an excellent addition to your fashion style and good protection from the sun as well.

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32" Diameter x 21" Length
Oiled Paper and Wood
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You're viewing our Historical Water Towns paper umbrella.

This beautiful umbrella has a diameter of 32 inches and is 21 inches in total height.

Here you can see the gorgeous design of the shade.

It's a Chinese town next to some water, with cherry blossoms and boats and Chinese writing.

Absolutely beautiful.

You can take this around to be a fashion accessory or protection from the sun, use it indoors for a decoration in your home or office or business.

This is made from paper and a bamboo frame and underneath you can see the intricate wood frame and stringing of the umbrella.

That's a bamboo rod with a red tassel at the bottom of the umbrella and the traditional Chinese style.

Easy to open easy to close, you can see and purchase this umbrella on our website at oriental-decor.com.

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