Colorful Koi Fish

This Chinese paper umbrella depicts a perfect view of life in the Orient that is rich with koi fish and lilies. The design is a full imagery of ocean life - colorful and lovely.

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This Chinese paper umbrella depicts a perfect view of life in the Orient that is rich with koi fish and lilies. The design is a full imagery of ocean life - colorful and lovely. The all-white background color of the shade provides a pretty contrast to the other colors on the umbrella. This parasol will make for excellent indoor decoration or take outside to show it off to the world. They'll wonder where you got such a beautiful Asian parasol.

The koi fish parasol you see here features brownish and orange koi fish swimming in different directions. These wonders are surrounded by green marine plants that add to the grandeur of the design. It shows more than just movement under water, but also the unique beauty and attractions the world has to offer. The greenish hues symbolize a life that is healthy, superb, and exciting. The activity of the koi fish creates a sense of movement happening on the shade.

The Koi fish represent success, courage, ambition, good fortune, and longevity. They also reflect the culture of China in regard to courage and facing insurmountable odds to rise above. The artwork tells an inspirational story to reach for success and survive problems with grace. This is because koi fish are known for swimming against the current. Hence the Chinese people use the koi fish as a symbol of perseverance.This paper umbrella is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration and will offer a sense of joy each time you see it. The design matches an outdoor walk by the seaside, and you can be sure the umbrella design will garner the attention of admiring eyes. It is a lovely and attractive piece of art that will be a memorable artwork for many years to come. Use this fabulous Chinese paper parasol for protection from the sun, indoor decor, cosplay, as a fashion prop at weddings or parties or even in your next photo shoot.

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32" Diameter x 21" Length
Oiled Paper and Wood
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You're viewing our Colorful Koifish paper umbrella.

This umbrella has a captivating and beautiful design of colorful koi fish and green lilies on the all-white background.

The umbrella is made of paper and bamboo it is 32 inches in diameter and 21 inches in total length.

You can see underneath the intricate stitch work and wooden frame of the umbrella with a red tassel at the bottom to give them a rare look.

This umbrella is easy to open easy to close.

You can use it for decoration inside take it outside for protection against the sun.

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