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Japanese Bonsai Trees :: Flowering Crabapple Bonsai Tree

Flowering Crabapple Bonsai Tree

The Flowering Crabapple is one of the most beautiful flowering bonsai trees we offer. The tree produces a stunning white fruit with a fragrant scent. It covers the entire tree in early spring before the foliage appears. The foliage is small and lobed in appearance. In the summer, this colorful crabapple bonsai tree produces small green apples, called pomes. When the fruit ripens in autumn, it turns various colors, as do the foliage. During the fall season, the leaves can turn red, orange and yellow. During the winter the tree loses its foliage but the fruit continues to grow. This crabapple bonsai is very easy to grow and is almost 100 percent pest and disease free. Please note this tree is deciduous and will have no foliage during the winter months. It will therefore have a twiggy skeletal outline punctuated by fruit. This tree can be placed indoors or outdoors and is perfect for adding a colorful flair to any area. It will look great placed on any table, stand or counter. This tree will delight and please all who see it for years to come. Also makes a great gift for those who love nature and Asian decor. This bonsai tree is offered with an option humidity tray which captures water and creates a humid environment for the tree, making it grow better. Order this lovely and colorful bonsai tree today and make it yours!

11 years old.


Humidity Tray Recommended

Dimensions16-18 inches tall
MaterialLive Tree
All bonsai trees ship with UPS ground or 3-day UPS select within the continental U.S. We can also ship overnight or second-day air. Please contact us for a rate. We cannot ship live bonsai trees outside the U.S.
Return Policy7-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product it may be returned to us within 7 days for a full refund of the product price. Please contact us for return instructions.

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Shipping cost within the U.S.: $15.75
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Flowering Crabapple Bonsai Tree

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