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Buddhist Statues :: 16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue

16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue

In Thai Buddhism, the Thepenom or Teppanom are celestial beings or mythological angels that descend to the Earth as the Buddha reached enlightenment. They are shown usually in the traditional Thai garb, in a kneeling position, with hands pressed closely together at chest level in the Veneration Mudra or Namaste greeting. Representing one of the most important divine beings of Thai Buddhism, this 16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue features a golden-colored wood finish that is detailed to absolute perfection. This statue is kneeling, with palms pressed together, and with eyes closed. The Veneration Mudra or Namaste gesture is known as an act of greeting and blessing, which makes this angel statue an ideal addition to any home or office. Known to harness divine energy, these pure spirits accompany the Buddha into his elevated sense of awakening and pure enlightenment. A popular element of Thai mythology as well as the practice of Buddhism, these Thai angel statues are found in many of the royal palaces of Thailand, Buddhist temples, restaurants, and in many homes.

Dimensions4"W x 7"D x 16"H
MaterialCast Resin
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16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue

Alternate view of 16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue

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