Cranes in Full Moon

Cranes are a symbol of strength, grace, and beauty. The full moon is a reminder of the soothing cycles of nature.

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Product Description

This hand painted picture displays beautiful white cranes on a moonlit night. Two cranes wade peacefully next to a stand of reeds and flowers while another lands behind them. On the other side of the reeds a fourth crane gracefully soars in the distance. The dark leaves of the flower plants set off the otherwise light colors of the painting. Cranes are a symbol of strength, grace, and beauty. The full moon is a reminder of the soothing cycles of nature. Together with the flowers and reeds, they create a very soothing motif. Cranes in Full Moon is hand painted on silk covered paper and glued to a lacquered wooden frame. A silk brocade completes a very elegant effect. The painting comes in three sizes to accommodate any living space. Wall hangers are included and the painting can also be displayed partially folded as a tabletop decoration or as a privacy screen. This beautiful painting uses light tones for an exceptionally subdued and airy feel perfect for a relaxing sight in a living room or office. It makes an excellent addition to any oriental themed room or can be mixed and matched with other styles for a truly eclectic feel.

This Japanese silk painting is hand-painted on silk-covered paper featuring an attractive Japanese motif. The paper is glued onto the four lacquered wood frames that make up the painting. A matted silk brocade border is crafted into every painting for a beautiful look. Our Japanese silk paintings are easy to hang with included lacquered brass geometric hangers. These artistic paintings can be used as a privacy screen or as an upright art piece (partly folded on a floor or table). Additionally, they may be easily mounted to any wall for attractive Asian-inspired decor.

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Available in 3 sizes
Silk Covered Paper and Lacquered Wood
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