Artificial Japanese Tea Leaf Bonsai Tree

Maintaining a live bonsai tree like this specimen would require a precise watering schedule, just the right light, and extremely careful pruning. This charming 9-inch tall artificial bonsai tree requires none of those things and will add beauty to any setting.

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Traditional bonsai trees are carefully cultivated, coaxed, and pruned to precise shapes and patterns and as such are a sign of beauty and harmony in nature. Because of the amount of care that goes into them, many people expect bonsai trees to be firmly controlled in their growth and follow rigid patterns. The Artificial Japanese Tea Leaf Tree follows a more unusual pattern. The top and right branches appear rigidly cultivated but the branch to the left extends beyond the edge of the pot, as if the grower decided that this particular 9-inch tall tree should be allowed a little more freedom. The variation makes the tree more beautiful as it lends an aesthetically pleasing curve to the overall appearance. This contrasts nicely with the rectangular container in which the tree comes. The container is another variation from the ordinary. Many of the offerings on our website have bonsai trees in round or oval pots. This square pot has a more linear, rigid feel that does well to set off the curving freedom of the tree that it holds, but cannot quite contain. Maintaining such a masterpiece in a traditional bonsai tree would require a precise watering schedule, just the right light, and extremely careful pruning. But our artificial tree requires none of those things and allows you to bring this beautiful specimen to your home without all the hassle. This tree has approximately 98 leaves.

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14" wide x 5" depth x 9" tall
Artificial tree
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