Perilous Tiger Chinese Scroll

A perilous Chinese tiger lets out a fierce roar while descending a mountain. The setting sun has cast an orange-like glow in the sky creating a dramatic artistic look.

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A perilous Chinese tiger lets out a fierce roar while descending a mountain. The setting sun has cast an orange-like glow in the sky creating a dramatic and artistic look. This special rattan scroll will make a great decorative addition to your home or office. Allow the power of the Chinese dragon to work its way into your heart. Throughout Chinese history, the tiger has been a source of might, strength, admiration and ferocity. It is typically found in the southern provinces of China, and in the northeast (Manchuria). Although the tiger is a real creature (unlike the dragon) it has been associated with many mystical powers in Chinese legend. For example, the ancient Chinese believed that four different creatures controlled each direction of the compass: north, south, east and west. The white tiger is said to have controlled the West. In addition, the tiger is tied into the autumn months, presumably because that is when it descended from the mountains into the populated regions or villages. The Chinese tiger is also associated with the Orion constellation, which appears brightest in the autumn months. Besides being the king of all animals (excluding the mythical dragon), the tiger is one of the four intelligent creatures. The other three intelligent creatures are the dragon, phoenix and tortoise. For over two thousand years, these four creatures have played a central role in Chinese art. In Chinese folklore the tiger is said to protect good men and destroy those men who are not. Some Chinese even paint tiger murals on their walls to ward away evil. Others wear tiger amulets made of a tiger's claw. This is supposed to provide the wearer the courage of a tiger. The Chinese also believed in inscribing images of the tiger on tombs and monuments to protect the dead. In the Chinese zodiac, the tiger is the third animal in the 12-animal calendar (one animal per year). People born in the year of the tiger are assumed to be strong, courageous and stubborn. Today the tiger is largely an endangered species and most people will only ever see tigers in zoos and circuses. At one time, the tiger ruled the jungles and plains and no man could compete with its strength. The Chinese still honor the tiger in stories, poems, artwork, statues, etc. This beautiful Chinese tiger scroll may just bring you some welcomed courage and strength--but only if you truly believe in the power of the tiger! And if not, it will still make great Asian decor.

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12.5" width / 32" length
Ink Print on Rattan
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