Splendid Buddha Chinese Scroll

A portly and happy Buddha figure smiles while sitting atop a vast treasure, which symbolizes the enlightened state. Children play at his feet and a red background with Chinese characters fills out the background.

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A portly and happy Buddha figure known as "Budai" or "Pu-Tai" smiles while sitting atop a vast treasure of gold and fruit, symbolizing the riches of enlightenment. Children play at his feet and a red background with Chinese characters fills out the background of this fantastic Chinese scroll. Red and gold are often shown together in Chinese art work. Red symbolizes joy, prosperity and good luck. Gold is most often associated with spiritual riches, royalty and wealth. The Budai in this scroll is typically identified as the incarnation of "Maitreya" (who is the future Buddha, or the Buddha after Guatama Buddha). The Budai is almost always depicted laughing or smiling, hence the nickname the Chinese have given him: the Laughing Buddha. Budai is often portrayed as a portly figure with a bald head, carrying prayer beads and wearing a robe. He is sometimes shown carrying a cloth sack over his shoulder, which have just a few of his belongings. Although he is often depicted as poor, he is always happy because of his Buddha nature. The Budai in this scroll in contrast is replete with abundance. Often children will be depicted playing around the jolly fat Buddha figure, as can be seen in this scroll. You may also notice the large earlobes of the Budai. This is another symbol of the enlightened state. Nearly every Buddha figure, whether it be a statue or a painting, has large ear lobes. The term "Buddha" actually means "the awakened one" and specifically means "one who is awakened into enlightenment". The Laughing Buddha with the big belly is, according to Chinese history, based on the true-life character of an eccentric monk named Chan. Many considered him a man of loving and good character. The Budai is mostly connected to the Chinese culture, as the real Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was a tall, slim figure who resided in India. The Budai figure has become very popular in Chinese culture and can be seen gracing many businesses, homes, temples, restaurants and charms. In Chinese folklore, Budai is admired for being a man of wisdom, contentment, happiness and spiritual abundance. It is believed that by rubbing his belly one can receiving spiritual blessings along with good luck and prosperity. For this reason, many Chinese people have statues of Budai adorning their homes and businesses. In Japan, the Budai is represented by a similar portly figure called Hotei. Hotei is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Taoism. This awesome Budai Chinese scroll will provide a vibrant look to your wall. It may also be the charm you need to give you good luck and prosperity.

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12.5" width / 32" length
Ink Print on Rattan
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