Black Temple Jar

This black temple jar is hand-painted and treated with black lacquer. At one foot in height and nine inches in diameter, it will make a beautiful display piece on a stand, table or shelf.

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In Luoyang sits White Horse Temple, widely considered to be the oldest Buddhist temple in China. According to legend, Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty dreamed of a man made entirely of gold. He was troubled by this dream and asked his advisors what it could mean. They told him that far to the southwest, in India, a teacher called the Buddha had taught, and that this was a sign from heaven that the Emperor should learn more about Buddhism. So, he sent eighteen men to India to try to discover the Buddha's teachings. Many years later, after a long journey filled with hardships, they came back with an image of the Buddha, a copy of Buddhist sacred scriptures, and two Buddhist monks riding white horses. Overjoyed, the Emperor ordered a Buddhist temple built, the first in China, and decreed that it be called White Horse Temple, in honor of the horses that brought Buddhism to China. It is thanks to Emperor Ming's decision that Buddhism came to China, bringing with it temple jars like this one. This black temple jar is hand painted and treated with black lacquer. At one foot in height and nine inches in diameter, it makes a beautiful display piece. Like all of our vases, the Black Temple Jar is handcrafted by a family of Chinese artisans who have practiced their trade for generations.

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12"H x 9" Diameter
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