Small Red Temple Jar

This Small Red Temple Jar depicts a hermit returning home in the Chinese wilderness. It is a beautiful and elegant porcelain rendering of a peaceful Asian philosophy, which will bring harmony to your home and elegance to your decor.

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One of the oldest religions in China is Daoism. It was founded around the 6th century BC by the Chinese philosopher and mystic Lao Tsu, whose book the Tao Te Ching revolutionized Chinese thought. Daoism is a religion of harmony with nature. It advocates keeping all things in balance and refraining from aggressive actions and thoughts. Understand the Dao, the Daoist sages say, and you will be at peace. You will free yourself from the storms of your passion. Do not seek to control the world around you. Instead, live in harmony with the world around you. Understand what nature is teaching; that for every summer there is winter, for every birth, a death, and for every sadness, a new joy. If you can do that, then you will be free from desire, worry and care. To accomplish this, some of the greatest Daoist sages lived as hermits, going into the wilderness and cutting themselves off from the outside world. They hoped that way to be away from distraction and understand the physical world around them, free of the temptations for wealth and power. This Small Red Temple Jar shows one of those hermits, returning to his home in the wilderness, while above, geese fly. It is a beautiful and elegant porcelain rendering of a peaceful Asian philosophy, which will bring harmony to your home, and will serve as a gentle reminder that you can find peace within.

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11"H x 7" Diameter
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