Thousand Armed Kwan Yin Bamboo Blinds

Kwan Yin is venerated by Chinese Buddhists as the bodhisattva of compassion. She is seen as having compassion, and weeps, for all living things. This wonderful woman is commemorated on this bamboo window blinds, available in various sizes.

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Product Description

Kwan Yin is venerated by Chinese Buddhists as the bodhisattva of compassion. She is seen as having compassion--and she weeps--for all living things. She is said to work to bring enlightenment to all the creatures of the earth. Kwan Yin was, in Buddhist legend, a princess, whose father was a cruel king who wanted her to marry a rich, but uncaring man. She refused, saying that she would only marry someone who cared about mankind. Angered by her obstinate ways, the king made her a servant, but she would not relent. Finally, he let her become a Buddhist nun, but ordered that she be given the worst most tedious jobs. Her love and compassion were so great, however, that the animals sensed it and did her work for her. In these bamboo blinds, she is portrayed with a thousand arms, a reference to Buddhist legend. According to lore, Kwan Yin decided she would not rest until all living things were freed from suffering and came to know enlightenment. In spite of all her efforts, there was still suffering in the world. Driven by overwhelming compassion, Kwan Yin worked even harder--so hard that her arms fell off. When the Buddha saw this, and learned of her beautiful and enlightened nature, he granted her a thousand arms in their place so that she could always reach out to those in need. This wonderful story is commemorated on our bamboo window blinds, which are sturdily constructed and come in a variety of sizes to fit many standard windows.

Additional Info

Choose from 24", 36", 48", 60" or 72" wide.
All are approx. 71" in length
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