Black Traditional Thai Umbrella

Strike a regal pose with the Black Traditional Thai Umbrella made from oil-treated cotton and bamboo. This unique hand-painted parasol can be used as stylish protection under the sun, keeping you safe from the scorching heat. Or, use it inside as decor.

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Strike a regal pose with the Black Traditional Thai Umbrella made from oil-treated cotton and bamboo. This unique hand-painted parasol can be used as a stylish protection under the sun, keeping you safe from the scorching heat. It can also add an Oriental finesse to home interiors when you are searching for something extraordinary to light up a room. With its fine attention to detail, this traditional umbrella pays homage to the pomp and pageantry of ancient Siam. Centuries ago, kings and queens had the habit of using only their favorite parasols during their public appearance. To this day, traditional umbrella-making is a well-preserved craft in the northern region of Thailand. Our Black Traditional Thai Umbrella possesses the same craftsmanship with its intricate patterns. Bold, black, and absolutely gorgeous, this 26-inch long parasol is large enough to block out sun or create a large and stunning decorative display in any area. Bring it to a beautiful day on the beach or use it in a sophisticated outdoor dinner party. The detailed silver color design on the shade is a traditional pattern used in Thailand. Get this stunning hand-painted umbrella and expect to make a fashion statement on a sunny day. You can even use it on a rainy day to protect you from the elements. Jealousy will know no bounds when people see your umbrella.

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35" Diameter, 26" Length
Oil-Treated Cotton and Bamboo (Waterproof)
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Customer Reviews

Brenda Mc Clennin -- Props Buyer for movie:Total Recall

The umbrellas arrived this afternoon, and look lovely!
Thank you very much,

Lisa -- Michigan

This is the same colour as in the picture (which sometimes they can be off from monitor to monitor) My husband LOVES the black and silver colouring. The product is uber cool, folds up nicely, is well made and will keep him shaded from the sun and if there is a bit of rain, keep that off too. Service was excellent, the order I made arrived in 2 days from ordering and customer service was EXTREMELY good at telling me where my order was in process. I would not hesitate to order more. I have told many friends already and plan to tell more!

Lisa Phillips -- Marne, MI

I have not experienced such excellent service in a long time. Thank you for your prompt order inquiry emails and such quick delivery. I am really impressed and am currently telling my friends and will show many the awesome umbrella you sent tonight at practice. I am truly impressed.

Michaela -- Germany

I haven't imagined, that this umbrella would be this high quality. I really enjoy my umbrella and i will use it everytime the sun is shining :-) thanks a lot!

Michaela Hillerbrand -- Moosburg, Germany

Your umbrellas have reached me today. Them are very beautiful. I wish you a nice weekend and thanks for the qualitity you have sent me.

Video Profiles

Video Transcription for Black Traditional Thai Umbrella

This is our Black Traditional Thai umbrella.

I'm going to tell you a few things about it.

It is made of oil treated cotton the shade is oil treated cotton which renders it water-resistant.

It is a firm material it almost feels like a paper mache.

It's thick enough to provide protection from the sun.

It's opaque the rod of the umbrella is made of bamboo.

You can see the intricate pattern on top -- it's actually a silver color and it is completely handcrafted and hand painted.

This beautiful umbrella is 35 inches in diameter; that's the standard size for an umbrella and will allow plenty of protection from the sun and the rain.

The handle is 26 inches long from the bottom to the top of the umbrella.

This umbrella can be used for decoration, cosplay, to make a fashion statement, or just take out side for sun protection.

It's a bold black and gorgeous umbrella, one of our top of the line pieces.

Black fits with any color scheme you can see the intricate stitch pattern at the bottom of the umbrella.

This umbrella easily folds up and opens manual lift.

Place the ring on top and you can carry it with you just like that.

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