Chinese Stallions

Six Chinese stallions gallop in the Gobi desert of China in this remarkable gold leaf silk painting. Wild horses represent freedom and endless possibility in Asian lore.

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Six Chinese stallions gallop in the Gobi desert of China in this remarkable gold leaf silk painting. The contrast of the gold background with the horses creates a stunning effect that will make this painting the showcase of any setting.

Each Chinese silk painting is hand-painted on gold leaf silk-covered paper in the brush art style from the Song Dynasty of the 10th century in China. The paper is glued onto the four lacquered wood frames that make up each painting. A matted Chinese silk brocade border is crafted into every painting for a beautiful look. Our Chinese silk paintings are easy to hang, as they include lacquered brass geometric hangers. These stunning paintings can be used as a privacy screen or as an upright art piece (partly folded on a floor or table). Additionally, they may be easily mounted to any wall for attractive Asian inspired decor.

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36" high x 72" inches long
Silk Covered Paper and Lacquered Wood
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