Yellow Blossoms

This beautiful fan depicts a cherry blossom design set against a yellow background. Yellow is a lucky color in Asian lore and is associated with blessings and the devine.

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This beautiful fan depicts a cherry blossom design set against a yellow background. * Please note that we have one left of this fan in stock and it has purple colored blossoms. The fan in the image here shows reddish-pink blossoms.Yellow is a lucky color in Asian lore and is associated with blessings and the devine. It also corresponds to the earth and the Chinese consider it a beautiful and prestigious color. In fact, there is a Chinese saying that states, "Yellow generates yin and yang." This means that yellow is at the center of everything and is the primordial color of the universe. Yellow was also the color associated with ancient Imperial China, being the symbolic color of the five legendary emperors at the time. The color yellow could be seen in palace decorations, temples, altars, clothing, and of course the attire of the emperors. In spiritual terms, yellow represented freedom from worldly concerns. It was also associated with the sun, which has always been held in high regard by all religions. It is no surprise then that Chinese Buddhist monks' robes are yellow. The cherry blossom is a flower that grows off cherry trees that are predominant in the middle northern or southern part of China. The cherry blossom in China is actually a reflection of Japan's occupation and influence on China during the first part of the 20th century. The cherry blossom comes from a genus of tree called "prunus". There are several varieties, but the most popular is the "sakura". Most cherry blossom trees do not actually produce edible cherries but are very beautiful to look at nonetheless. The Japanese are in love with the cherry blossom tree and cultivate them throughout their country. Besides being the national flower, cherry blossoms are a reminder of the ephemeral nature of life. This is due to the transience of the blossom, its spectacular beauty and quick disintegration. The cherry blossom is one of the most popular and enduring icons to come out of Asia. For this reason it has been featured in volumes of art work, many films, musical performances and anime. The combination of the cherry blossom design and the yellow background make this wall fan especially auspicious. Hang this marvelous 60" width Asian wall fan anywhere in your home for a vibrant and decorative display.

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35" height x 55" width
Thick Painted Paper On Bamboo Frame
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Customer Reviews

Jeremy Kosick -- Lancaster, CA

Looks better in person than on the website! I got it for a gift for my wife and she loved it. It shipped very quickly and I received much sooner than I thought it would come. Thank you!

judy -- Australia

I needed something large for my living room wall, and this fit the bill exactly. Delivery was prompt and well pkged, no damage coming this far to Australia. I will recommend you and probably buy again. Cheers.

RNewman -- Canada

Satisfactory image on paper mounted on bamboo slats, easy to install in 5 minutes on wall. Makes a nice decorative piece in our entranceway.

Video Profiles

Video Transcription for Yellow Blossoms

Introducing our 60-inch Yellow Blossoms Asian wall fan this fan is only available in the 60-inch with size it is 35 inches in height.

This beautiful fan features a red and pink blossom design on an all yellow background.

And that material is a thick paper.

There's two loops on the back so you can hang this fan easily off any wall.

The frame is made of sturdy bamboo and blossoms are one of the most popular icons in Asian art extremely beautiful and many many art pieces are painted with them.

As we get a close-up you can see some of the hand-painted work.

Here of the blossom flowers and this fan will make stunning display on any wall in your home or office.

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