Lucky Blossoms

This fabulous large Chinese wall fan features a stunning bouquet of red blossom flowers set against a gold-orange background.

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Product Description

This fabulous large Chinese wall fan features a stunning bouquet of red blossom flowers set against a gold-orange background. Gold is an important color in Chinese lore. It is often used to represent the Buddha and known for being an imperial color. Yellow-gold was also known for being the color of the five legendary emperors of ancient China. It represented freedom from earthy concerns and thus became associated with the Buddha. Many of the Buddhist monks in China wear yellow for just this reason. In China, the color red is extremely popular and is associated with prosperity and good fortune. It can be seen all around the country and is especially prominent during Chinese New Year and weddings. Elders often give money in red envelopes to the youth as gifts during these celebration events. The sakura flower is generally considered to be one of the most precious, prized and attractive flowers in Asia. For centuries in the Orient, it has been the theme of paintings, artwork and festivals. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other Asian countries celebrate the flower in artwork, parties, poetry and gardens. In Japan, a festival called "Hanami" is held every spring. This festival dates back over a thousand years and is the viewing of the blooming cherry blossom trees. As these trees bloom at different times in different regions in Japan, this festival can begin any time from March until May. Thousands flock to parks and enjoy the beautiful spectacle of the cherry blossom. Now you can enjoy the beauty of the sakura right on your wall. Hang this fan anywhere you want to create a bold and vibrant decorative statement.

Available in 60" size only.

Additional Info

35" height x 60" width
Thick paper canvas on bamboo frame
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Customer Reviews

Ryan L. Lopees --

The item arrived today, 10/8. Long before the "estimated" delivery date. I am really impressed with the quality of the painting on the fan. It's one of the better fans I have owned. It may be a little more expensive than most, but the quality is worth it. The seller was also in constant, almost daily contact about the order.

Raya Sunshine -- Brooklyn, New York

Simply beautiful!

Jonathan Presnell -- US

Just what I wanted, and when the UPS link said it would be. In a good condition, and it will truly be a great gift!

Angela -- USA

This fan was beautiful. Even more than what I expected. Excellent quality and craftsmanship

Ken & Diana Mendheim -- USA

Customer Feedback regarding custom wallfan:

We wanted to express our gratitude for all the trouble you went to creating the Blue Crane wall fan to match the guest bedroom. The blue color and large cranes in the wall fan coordinate perfectly with the colors in the room and the round mirror that features a large crane.

Wall fan hanging on wall

Harrison Tyler Correa -- USA

Item was sent to my girlfriend back home and she was overjoyed about it and says it is the most beautiful thing she has ever gotten. it came with minor damage that seemed to be from shipping but it was easy to fix. Great Product.

Anita -- SC

Very nice fan good colors and quality delivery quick very realiable company

Darren Stordahl -- USA

Contacted seller to source additional fans, as there was only one available at Amazon and needed two. The seller was prompt, courteous, and immediately updated their inventory with Amazon to make additional fans available. Very cool.

Linda -- Long Beach, Ca

I love the "lucky Blossoms" . the color is beautiful and the workmanship of the fan is excellant. Exactly what I was looking for

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