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Two old-time Chinese sailing ships set sail out of port in this exquisitely painted fan. The artist's choice of colors against the black velvet background creates a stunning display of sky and sea.

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Two old-time Chinese sailing ships set sail out of port in this exquisitely painted fan. The artist's choice of colors against the black velvet background creates a stunning display of sky and sea. In the sky can be seen the distant emanation of the clouds. While in the sea, the waves made by the ships are so realistic it looks almost life-like. The use of light by the artist is absolutely striking and breathes life into this amazing and unique scene. The ancient Chinese sailing vessels portrayed here date back to the Song Dynasty (960-1129 AD) and were also known as "junk" ships. Their design evolved over time and was used in later dynasties, mostly for extensive sea voyages. The term "junk" was used to describe a number of different boats, from ocean-going to pleasaure boats to cargo carrying and even live-aboards. Junk boats often varied in size and varied in design by region, but they all utilized a fully battened sail system. Junks were very sturdy ships that often sailed long distances. Their efficient designs allowed for the greatest sailing ease while carrying the most men and cargo. Incidentally, Western sail ship designs were patterned after the Chinese junk ships. The Chinese junk ships were so ahead of their time that the Chinese navy (which extends back to 700 BC) was the leading maritime power in the early 1400s. This is when the Chinese began to build massive ocean-going junk ships for exploration and missions. In 1661 a naval feel of 25,000 men led in approximately 400 junks sailed to Taiwan in order to oust the Dutch. The Chinese fleet eventually captured a Dutch fortress and the Dutch were forced to sign a peace treaty. Chinese junks were also used extensively in trade in and around Asia. Most Chinese junk ships had three masts and averaged 200 to 800 tons in size. The largest of the ancient Chinese ships could carry 130 sailors, 130 traders and a couple hundred passengers. Many of these junks were fitted with weapons and were called "war junks" by the British navy. Today, the modern junk-rigged sailboat has continued to sail with a growing and emerging number of new designs. The junk rig is still one of the most simple, efficient, cost effective ways to navigate the ocean. This magnificent wall fan is ideal for sea lovers, admirers of sailing ships and anyone who appreciates great art. Display this beautiful fan in any room for a great decorative look.

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24" height x 40" width
35" height x 60" width
Painted velvet on bamboo frame
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Customer Reviews

Ken & Diana Mendheim -- USA

Customer Feedback regarding custom wallfan:

We wanted to express our gratitude for all the trouble you went to creating the Blue Crane wall fan to match the guest bedroom. The blue color and large cranes in the wall fan coordinate perfectly with the colors in the room and the round mirror that features a large crane.

Wall fan hanging on wall

Sarah -- Jeffersonville, IN

This fan is STUNNING. It is so beautifully made and begs for attention. I love this piece and can stare at it for hours. The reflection on the waves, the scene in the distance, it is mesmerizing. Definitely one of the best purchases I've ever made. Thank you for this one of a kind piece!

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Video Transcription for Velvet Ships

You're viewing our 40 inch Velvet Ships velvet wall fan also available in the 60 inch width size.

This amazing fan is entirely hand painted with acrylics on our velvet fabric that's an all black velvet fabric with bamboo frame and the scene that you're looking at on this fan depicts two Chinese ships going out to sea.

It's quite amazing but the history of shipping and China dates back to 700 BC.

In the 1400s China was the leading maritime power in the world.

This incredible fan is painted in unbelievable detail and will make great decoration in any wall of your home or office.

Now take a look here at the reflection in the water.

The boats you can see the amazing detail.

Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe.

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