Red Tulips

This simple yet elegant fashion umbrella depicts a bouquet of red tulips, which symbolize perfect love. Friends, family and strangers alike will marvel at the simple and beautiful design of this gorgeous Asian umbrella.

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Product Description

This lovely umbrella features reddish-pink tulips on an all-white shade. The green stems and leaves create a beautiful contrast to the color of the flowers. Entirely hand-painted and handcrafted, this special fashion umbrella will make a lovely addition to your decor. Or, take it outside for protection against the sun or rain, as this umbrella is waterproof as well. Friends, family and strangers alike will marvel at the simple and elegant beauty of this gorgeous Asian parasol. If you plan on using the umbrella outdoors, we recommend the 35" diameter size. The tulip is a perennial bulbous plant with gorgeous flowers that bloom in the spring months. The tulip plant can range in height from just 4 inches all the way up to 28 inches. The tulip flower comes in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, orange, red, pink, white and violet. It is characterized by a star-shape or cup-shape. Tulip flowers usually grow in mountainous areas with temperate weather. They flourish in climates with long, cool spring seasons and warm, dry summers. The tulip is often brought to warm-winter places and planted in the fall months to be treated as an annual. The first people to cultivate the tulip were the Persians, probably around 900 AD. The tulip was very popular in Persian culture and Persian poets mention the flower a lot in their poems. During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the tulip was viewed as a symbol of indulgence and abundance. In fact, the wealthiest era of the Ottoman Empire was known as the Tulip Era. While the tulip represented wealth and perfection in Turkish culture, in the Netherlands, it represented the ephemeral nature of life. One fascinating piece of history about the tulip occurred between 1634-1637. Around this time the flower was brought to the Netherlands and the new enthusiasm for the flower prompted a tulip frenzy. Tulip bulbs were in high demand and became so expensive that they were treated as currency. The king and queen demanded them in their gardens and painters made still-life paintings with tulip flowers. Even to this day, the Netherlands have the world's biggest permanent display of tulip flowers. They call it the keukenhof. Today tulips are still widely regarded as a beautiful flower. It is the 11th wedding anniversary flower. Different color tulips are said to represent different meanings. A yellow tulip represents cheerful thoughts. A white tulip symbolizes forgiveness and purple conveys royalty. A red or pink tulip signifies perfect love. Tulips are now adored world-wide and festivals in tribute to the flower are held all over the globe. Spend the day in style or just enhance the decoration of your home with our gorgeous Red Tulips Fashion Umbrella.

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28" Dia / 21" Length or
35" Dia / 26" Length
Oil-Treated Cotton and Bamboo (Waterproof)
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