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Fashion Umbrellas :: Mirrored Dragons

Mirrored Dragons

Mirrored Dragons
Alternate view of Mirrored Dragons
This magnificent fashion umbrella features two Chinese dragons mirroring each other against an all-red background. The dragons are painted green, white, yellow and pink for a stunning display and fabulous contrast against the red background shade. The mouths of the dragons are almost touching while each dragon is lifting one foot and clutching its claws, as if it is going to attack the other. Hand-painted down to the smallest detail on the dragon's bodies, this waterproof umbrella is sure to impress all who see it. The frame of the umbrella is made from sturdy bamboo and the shade from oil-treated cotton, giving it a firm feel and durability. The paint used on the shade is acrylic and is perfectly protected by the oil coating that goes over it. Not only is this umbrella a practical tool used to shade from sun and rain, it is an art piece that can be used as a decorative accent piece. The red background color of the shade is considered to be symbolic of luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. In that culture, red is used in weddings, festivities, and of course, during Chinese New Year. It is a fire element color and Chinese mythology believes it can chase away evil. The Chinese dragon is the most influential and significant creature in Chinese mythology. It was believed to be the controller of the waters and heavens, able to create weather by flying through the clouds and using its breath and fire. The dragon was also the symbol for the ancient emperors of China. The emperors chose the dragon because of the awesome amount of respect and power the people had for it. The number of claws in each foot of the dragon also had significance. Historically, the 5-clawed dragon was assigned to the "son of heaven", the 4-clawed dragon to the nobles and the 3-clawed dragon to the ministers. The dragon in this umbrella is of the 4-clawed variety. If you love the dragon, then this is umbrella for you. Completely made by hand, this special umbrella is perfect for making a fashion statement when outside and then doubling as a decorative accessory at home. Choose from 28" diameter and 35" diameter sizes. For most average sized people, we recommend the 35" diameter if you wish to use it outdoors for protection from the elements.

28" Diameter$29.95

35" Diameter$35.95

 Beautifully HAND-PAINTED!
Dimensions28" Dia / 21" Length or
35" Dia / 26" Length
MaterialOil-Treated Cotton and Bamboo (Waterproof)
All fashion umbrellas ship the same or next business day via 2-day priority mail or UPS ground to the U.S. and Canada. For expedited shipping please contact us for a rate. Fashion umbrellas can ship internationally and are sent with 7-10 day express air mail.
Return Policy30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product it may be returned to us within 30 days for a full refund of the product price. Please contact us for return instructions.

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Thank you for following up on this. Great Service!!!
    Jame Dawson, Seaport Hotel, Boston

All things have a story...

The Chinese dragon has existed in China, at least as an idea, for over 2,000 years. It began at least as far back as 400 BC, during the Warring States period, when archeologists found a dragon carved from jade. The origin of the mythical Chinese dragon is uncertain, however, it is thought that the great creature sprung from several different tribes.

Some scholars believe the Chinese dragon to be an exaggerated depiction of several real animals, including certain reptiles, fish and snakes. The scholar He Xin believes that the early Chinese dragon was actually a crocodile. He postulates that since crocodiles can sense air pressure and impending rain, this may have been the basis for the dragon?s legendary ability to influence the weather, especially rain. Still other scholars have postulated that the Chinese dragon is an amalgam of different animals, which may explain why it takes on the aspect of several existing animals. The fist Emperor of China, Huang Di (The Yellow Emperor) was said to have used a snake as his seal. Each time he won a battle, he may have used an idea from the emblem of his enemy in his own.

The great Han Dynasty scholar Wang Fu said that dragons with long bodies have nine anatomical parts, including among others, the eyes of a demon, the claws of an eagle and the horns of a stag. The Chinese dragon is also said to be mostly a yang creature, and it is this excess positive energy that causes it to be aggressive and sometimes destructive. From ancient times, the Chinese believed that storms, floods and raging ocean waves were caused by someone aggravating a dragon somewhere.

As time went on, the Chinese dragon?s powers grew from just controlling the weather to being able to do anything from making itself invisible to turn itself into fire or water. While some Chinese wish to believe that the dragon is real, in all probability it never existed and just grew as a myth down through the centuries. It has been the feature of Chinese art work for a long time and at present is one of the most popular icons of China.

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