Perching Peacock

A triumph of Asian art work, this fashion umbrella features a colorful peacock perched in a patch of blue flowers.

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A triumph of Asian art work, this fashion umbrella features a colorful peacock perched in a patch of blue flowers. The design on this Thai umbrella is completely hand-painted by one of our skilled artists. The umbrella frame is made from bamboo and the shade from oil-treated cotton, which provides durability and a quality look. This fashion umbrella can be used outside or placed indoors for superb decoration. The peacock is a symbol for many things. In the West, Christians believed the peacock to be the symbol of immortality. Early Christian artwork featured the peacock for this reason. The peacock can replace its feathers every year, which also associates it with renewal. Christians also believed the peacock was the guard of the Gates of Paradise. In the ancient Greek culture, the peacock was thought to have the power to resurrect, similar to the phoenix. In fact, two peacocks drinking from a chalice was associated with rebirth. In Roman, Greek and Egyptian mythology, the bright and attractive tail feathers of the peacock were seen as the same thing as the all-knowing eye. In Asia, the peacock is considered synonymous with beauty, dignity, pride, self-assurance and good luck. The peacock is often featured in Chinese artwork. In Buddhism, this beautiful bird is related to Bodhisattvas (those people who reach enlightenment and then vow to return to earth to help all others seek enlightenment as well). While many cultures around the world have associated the peacock to certain traits or powers, the peacock remains perhaps one of the most stunning creatures on the globe. It's always a marvel to watch a male peafowl, which most people call a peacock, spread his tail feathers. These gorgeous birds are found in India, Southeast Asia, Central Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. They mostly reside in rain forests and regular forests and are the national bird of India. The peacock can live up to 20 years and is considered an omnivore. This splendid peacock umbrella will make a definitive fashion statement when out on the town and serve as handsome decor in your home. Bring home yours today.

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28" Dia / 21" Length or
35" Dia / 26" Length
Oil-Treated Cotton and Bamboo (Waterproof)
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Customer Reviews

Jame Dawson, Seaport Hotel -- Boston

Thank you for following up on this. Great Service!!!

Barbara -- Texas

Beautiful. Smaller than I thought, but does not hinder the detail of the artwork. the craftsmanship and artwork of this umbrella are amazing.

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