Red Traditional Thai Umbrella

Our Red Traditional Thai Umbrella is simply stunning. The background of the shade is a true and bright red, while a spectacular gold traditional design is hand-painted on it.

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Our Red Traditional Thai Umbrella is simply stunning. The frame is entirely handcrafted from quality bamboo. The shade is made from oil-treated cotton, rendering it waterproof and made for use outdoors. The background of the shade is a true and bright red, while a spectacular gold traditional design is hand-painted on it. Red is the most lucky color in Chinese culture and represents wealth, joy and good fortune. During Chinese new year, the color red can be seen everywhere and is used as a traditional symbol of happiness. In the Chinese metaphysical system, red is a fire element and can chase away evil. In Thailand, red is associated with Sunday. The color gold symbolizes many things. It is most often related to wealth, royalty, spiritual riches and Buddhism. Gold is also intrinsically linked to anything of high value. In Thailand, the Thais consider yellow/gold to be a royal color and is the color for Monday and also the King's birthday. It is also considered auspicious, as it is the same color as the "cassia fistula" which is Thailand's national flower. This tree is also known as the "golden shower tree" and is very pretty and a vivid yellow color. The history of umbrella making in Thailand dates back to around 1800. Of course the Chinese started making umbrellas long before, but the Thais perfected the art later on. It was said that a Thai Buddhist monk named "Pra Inthaa" was traveling near the northern border of Thailand and was given an umbrella made in Burma. He thought it very convenient and visited the village in Burma where it was made. He recorded in detail the method used to make the umbrella and brought it with him back to his village in Thailand. He began to teach others and soon the people began to see the great convenience of the umbrella. It protected them from the harsh Thai sun and the driving rains that often afflict the Thai people. Now you can own a traditional Thai umbrella with the glorious colors of red and gold. At 35 inches in diameter, this umbrella is the perfect size to shield you from sun and rain. Or, use it purely for decoration in your home or business.

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35" Diameter, 26" Length
Oil-Treated Cotton and Bamboo (Waterproof)
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Customer Reviews

Rita -- Washington DC

everything about this order was up to effort was too much and quality as expected for items coming from Thailand. Made with care and diligence.

Jessica -- Pennsylvania

The umbrella was beautiful, although, for some reason, it had a few, minuscule black spots on it, but it never took away from the beauty of it!


This Umbrella is gorgeous!! It shields from the sun. You don't look red underneath it. It is so nice! I used it in my beach wedding and it made the pictures pop. Recommend it!

Jame Dawson, Seaport Hotel -- Boston

Thank you for following up on this. Great Service!!!

Video Profiles

Video Transcription for Red Traditional Thai Umbrella

Introducing our Red Traditional Thai umbrella.

This umbrella is completely handcrafted and hand painted.

It has a 35 inch shade diameter.

As you can see here the pole is made from sturdy bamboo and see the intricate stitch work underneath the umbrella, and that pole is 26 inches long from the bottom of the handle to the top of the umbrella.

Here you can see on top of the shade is a beautiful intricate pattern painted in gold in the Thai style.

Beyond that, the shade is all red which symbolizes good luck and prosperity in Asian culture.

This umbrella can be used for protection against the sun as it has an opaque shade.

It can be used for cosplay, use it inside for decoration, certainly makes a beautiful decorative prop and as well you can use it as a fashion statement--and if you get caught in the rain you don't have to worry because the shade is water resistant.

Made of weather treated cotton material this is a manual lift and the umbrella can easily open and close, and you simply put the ring around it and carry around.

So gorgeous! Thank you for watching.

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