Cream Traditional Thai Umbrella

This marvelous traditional Thai umbrella is similar to those used to shade the Siam kings and queens of the past centuries.

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This handcrafted umbrella features a beautiful hand-painted design on top of the shade. The design is inspired by Thai art and the longstanding tradition of art from that country. Intricate patterns are very popular among Thai artwork. The patterns, both around the border and the center of the shade, contrast perfectly with the solid cream color background. The shade of this classical umbrella is made from cotton fabric that is oil-treated. The oil gives the cotton a firm feel and renders it water-resistant. The frame of this umbrella is made from hardy bamboo, giving it great durability. This hand-painted umbrella can be used outdoors as well as inside. Carry it with you when out and about to shield yourself from the glaring heat of the sun, as the painted shade will provide plenty of protection. And there is no need to worry if a little rain gets on it, as this fashionable umbrella is water-resistant as well. Raising and lowering the shade is performed manually and easy to do. Sturdy, fashionable and unique, this Asian umbrella has many applications. Use it as a fashion prop, for protection from the sun, as a decorative accent piece, a practical accessory when outside and even for cosplay. For longevity of the painted shade, we recommend that you dry the umbrella shade with a light towel it if gets wet. This will permit the shade to last longer and protect against any fading.

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35" Diameter, 26" Length
Oil-Treated Cotton and Bamboo (Waterproof)
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Customer Reviews

Rita -- Washington DC

everything about this order was up to effort was too much to ensure our satisfation and the quality is as expected for items coming from Thailand. Made with care and diligence. all promises made on the website wer met, in fact the items were better than described.

Theresa -- MA

Lovely umbrella, well constructed. Super fast shipping and great customer service.

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Video Transcription for Cream Traditional Thai Umbrella

You're viewing our Cream Traditional Thai umbrella.

This umbrella is made out of an oil treated cotton shade which is 35 inches in diameter.

The pole of the umbrella is made of sturdy bamboo.

You can see the intricate stitch work underneath.

That shade is opaque, so it will offer protection from the sun.

It's a manual lift.

You can see on top is a beautiful hand-painted design in the traditional Thai style, that is painted by master artisans and you can use this umbrella to take it out in the rain, or for sun protection, as a fashion statement, wear as a prop in the play.

And the pole is 26 inches long from the bottom of the umbrella to the top.

This is a manual wrist easily closes and there's a ring at the bottom.

Just slide the ring over and the umbrellas goes there it is.

An absolutely stunningly beautiful umbrella! Thank you for watching and please subscribe.

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