The Wood

This serene fan captures the essence of one of Asia's many natural forests. The Earthly colors of this fan will bring a feeling of harmony to any room.

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This serene fan captures the essence of one of Asia's many natural forests. The Earthly colors of this fan will bring a feeling of harmony to any room. In the Chinese system of feng shui, nature, water, earth and open spaces where energy flows is one of the best ways to restore "chi" or energy. The picturesque painting on this spectacular fan will relax you each time you see it. Simply viewing the colors of green and blue--the dominant colors in this wall fan--has been proven to promote relaxation and lower stress levels. In the middle of this scene is a tranquil waterfall. Deep in the background can be seen the formation of a river, which runs through the waterfall, all the way to the immediate foreground. In feng shui, water is one of the five basic elements, along with wood, fire, earth and metal. The term "feng shui" literally translates in to "wind-water". Above the waterfall flies a group of cranes. The crane is symbolic of longevity and good fortune. This beautiful work of art is entirely hand-painted and even more stunning in person. It can easily be the centerpiece of any place on your wall. This harmonic wall fan will look fantastic over over your bed or couch. It can also be a very good way to decorate your den or office. The color green is equated with harmony and balance. It is also a very healing color and symbolic of growth and renewal. Overall it is a very positive color. This fan also possesses various shades of blue. Blue is highly associated with trust, stability, intelligence and faith. In Chinese culture, blue and green are connected to the direction of East, the season of spring and have the most vital force, or energy to restore, of all colors. This fabulous Chinese landscape wall fan is sure to add a gorgeous natural look to your wall. If you are determined to create a peaceful place in your home with a lovely artistic touch, this fan is the one to go for.

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24" height x 40" width
35" height x 60" width
Handpainted rayon canvas on bamboo frame
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Customer Reviews

Ken & Diana Mendheim -- USA

Customer Feedback regarding custom wallfan:

We wanted to express our gratitude for all the trouble you went to creating the Blue Crane wall fan to match the guest bedroom. The blue color and large cranes in the wall fan coordinate perfectly with the colors in the room and the round mirror that features a large crane.

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Video Profiles

Video Transcription for The Wood

Presenting our 40-inch The Wood oriental wall fan also available in the 60 inch width size.

This breathtaking fan is entirely hand painted.

It is a rayon fabric on bamboo frame and that is acrylic paints and you can see.

I'm pointing out some of the just absolutely breathtaking beauty of this fan.

It features a wonderful forest scene with trees, cranes, running waterfalls...just gorgeous.

Array of colors.

This fan will make great decor on any wall in your home.

If you have any bland spot or wall that needs to be smooshed up this is the fan to do it.

You can put it over your bed, over your sofa.

The 40 in size is perfect for the office even the bathroom.

Here we can get a close-up of the trees and you can just see the rich detail on the trees and the foliage.

Truly a magnificent fan.

Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe.

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