Blue Cranes

A group of cranes, which symbolize wisdom and longevity, fly amid a magnificent blue sky and lake in this fabulous hand-painted wall fan.

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Product Description

This beautiful Blue Crane wall fan features a gorgeous landscape design replete with waterfalls, rivers, distant mountains and tree. A flock of cranes fill the scene with some perched on the ground and others flying in the air with wings spread. Chinese cranes are symbolic of happiness and eternal youth. Cranes are said to mate for life and Chinese lore believed certain cranes could live for 1,000 years. This wonderful hand-painted Asian wall fan will make the ideal decorative piece in any room needing a colorful burst. It’s ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, dens and even kids’ rooms. Blue is a color in Asian art usually painted in combination with black and green, as is seen in this Chinese wall fan. In Asian culture, blue is symbolic of the spring season and has a positive meaning. In general, blue is associated with trust, long life and healing. When blue is in combination with green in art, such as this fan, it denotes longevity and harmony. Make this spectacular Blue Cranes wall fan part of your décor today. It will add a splash of color and good cheer to any part of your home, office or business establishment.

Additional Info

24" height x 40" width
35" height x 60" width
painted canvas on bamboo frame
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