Black Dragons

Two red and gold Chinese dragons oppose each other against a black background in this magnificent work.

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Product Description

Two Chinese dragons oppose each other in this magnificent work of Asian art. The dragon is one of the most enduring icons of the Chinese culture and is often viewed as the most powerful of all creatures. It is common in Chinese art for two dragons to oppose each other with a fiery pearl in between them. The pearl is said to represent wisdom. The dragons in this wall fan are painted a striking red, gold and blue, making them really stand out against the black background of the fan. A bit of smoke and clouds can be seen emanating from the dragons throughout the fan. The red color used in the body of the dragons make them appear on fire. This would fit with the ideal of the dragon, who in Chinese myth was said to control fire, air and water. For this reason the Emperors of China often used the dragon as a symbol for their imperial might, as the dragon was synonymous with strength and power. Even to this day in China, people who excel in their fields are often compared to dragons. Today, the dragon's powers have expanded to an almost unlimited number of supernatural powers. It can hide in water, fly among the clouds, change the weather, change the color of its body or glow in the dark. As the dragon's popularity has increased throughout time, so has the mythical powers associated with it. Maybe this is why the Chinese dragon has been the feature of stories, clothing, art, movies, kung fu moves, festivals and many, many tattoos. Clearly, the dragon's impact upon the Chinese and Asian community has been huge. The latter part of the 20th century saw the dragon grow immensely in popularity around the world. Today almost everyone recognizes the Chinese dragon, even if it is just a vague idea that it is associated with power and might. This spectacular Chinese wall fan honors the dragon and is a beautiful work of art as well. Hand-painted and handcrafted, it is certain to impact any wall it is mounted on.

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24" height x 40" width
35" height x 60" width
50" height x 85" width
Handpainted rayon canvas on bamboo frame
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Customer Reviews

Ken & Diana Mendheim -- USA

Customer Feedback regarding custom wallfan:

We wanted to express our gratitude for all the trouble you went to creating the Blue Crane wall fan to match the guest bedroom. The blue color and large cranes in the wall fan coordinate perfectly with the colors in the room and the round mirror that features a large crane.

Wall fan hanging on wall

Courtney -- Massachusetts

I really like the dragon fans. They are just as pictured and look great on the wall.

Dean -- Carrollton IL

Received quickly. Item was exactly as pictured. Bright colors and good quality, put together very well. Should last a long time. Everyone has loved it

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Video Transcription for Black Dragons

You're reviewing our 60-inch Black Dragons Chinese wall fan.

This wall fan is completely hand painted.

You can see it has two dragons opposing each other with the fiery pearl in the middle.

The pearl was said to represent wisdom.

The Dragons are the most enduring icon in Chinese art.

They represent power and strength and the ancient Chinese emperors use the dragon as their seal.

This fan is made of bamboo.

You can see the spokes, they're bamboo, and the Dragons are painted on a rayon fabric.

And that is acrylic paint and that is a very intricate that is all hand painted.

Beautiful! This fan also comes in a 40 inch width and will make a beautiful addition to any wall in your home or office.

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