Natures Cradle

Many beautiful natural surroundings can be found on the vast continent of Asia. This fan features an idyllic forest scene, including cranes, streaming waterfalls and trees.

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Many beautiful natural surroundings can be found on the vast continent of Asia. This fan features an idyllic forest scene, including cranes, streaming waterfalls and trees. The earthy colors of browns and greens create a solid and peaceful feeling within. This forest scene shows a secluded place where there are no inhabitants or man-made objects. It is the perfect blend of natural decor and an Asian design element. This wall fan is completely painted by hand by our master artists. It is certain to provide a stunning decorative on any wall in your home. The history of Asian landscape painting dates back several thousand years in China. It was thought the Chinese were the first to develop this art form. The Daoists of ancient China would create works of natural scenery. These scenes usually contained mountains, rivers, trees, valleys, forests and animals. In Asian landscape paintings, the weather in the scene holds special significance. Some artists would paint bright, sunny scenes. Others would include heavy overcast clouds while many of the Daoist paintings included heavy mist over the mountains. It is accurate to say that the weather in the scene completely sets the mood for the piece. The Chinese ink painting style called "shan shui", which literally translates into "mountain-water" often featured landscapes with perhaps one human sage far in the background. In their landscape art, the Chinese often depicted people as being very small in the scene, as compared to Western landscape art. This shows the reverence and respect the Chinese have for nature. Down through the years Chinese art has evolved but many works of Chinese art today still look like those works from hundreds of years ago. This is probably because their ancient art form was so endearing and loved. This wall fan, although not Chinese, carries the essence of their art with its natural subject. This gorgeous Oriental wall fan will make a fine addition to your bedroom, living room or den. Hang this spectacular fan in your home to really boost the beauty of your decor.

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24" height x 40" width
35" height x 60" width
Handpainted rayon canvas on bamboo frame
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Customer Reviews

Ken & Diana Mendheim -- USA

Customer Feedback regarding custom wallfan:

We wanted to express our gratitude for all the trouble you went to creating the Blue Crane wall fan to match the guest bedroom. The blue color and large cranes in the wall fan coordinate perfectly with the colors in the room and the round mirror that features a large crane.

Wall fan hanging on wall

Curtis -- Austin, TX

This was one of two pieces I ordered from Oriental Decor and I'm well pleased with both of them. They were received in good order and on time and their customer service is great...Thanks guy's! CW.

Video Profiles

Video Transcription for Natures Cradle

You're viewing our 40-inch Nature's Cradle oriental wall fan also available in the 60-inch with size and this sensational fan is one of our more unique fans in terms of the color.

Really features a lot of greens and dark greens like chartreuse and brown's, very earthy colors, and this fan will make just fabulous decor on any wall in your home.

And it is completely hand painted on a rayon fabric with acrylic paint.

That's a bamboo frame.

You can see some of the detail on the waterfall, and it just will make a lovely centerpiece over your bed, over a sofa, even the 40 in size can work well in the bathroom or an office.

And there you can see a close-up of the cranes and beautiful brushstrokes.

And the foliage the waterfall, certainly just gorgeous fan.


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