Royal Dragon

This beautiful dragon umbrella is hand crafted and hand-painted, making for a lovely and unique decorative accessory for anyone who appreciates true Asian beauty.

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This beautiful dragon umbrella is hand crafted and hand-painted, making for a lovely and unique decorative accessory for anyone who appreciates true Asian beauty. The red color umbrella shade is made of rayon fabric and the frame is made of bamboo. Done in acrylic paint, a dragon is hand-painted on top of the shade entirely in a gold color. White tassels border the umbrella for an ornate decorative flair. This umbrella is mainly for decoration but it can be used outdoors to provide some protection from the sun. However, it is not a rain umbrella. The dragon on the top of the umbrella was the official emblem of the ancient emperors of China. It is a highly symbolic creature and one that holds unbelievably tall mythical powers. The dragon painted on this umbrella has five claws, which means it was associated only with the emperors. Dragons with four claws were associated with lesser people, such as the nobility and court officials. Red is a very favorable color in Chinese culture. It is viewed as one of joy, luck and prosperity. Red is also a fire color and can often be seen in festivals, parties and during Chinese new year. The color gold is often associated with spiritual enlightenment, wealth and royalty. The combination of red and gold in Chinese culture is often seen and the two colors harmonize very well together. The Chinese dragon is a force for good, a divine protector of water and positive values. The dragon was also to be respected and sacrifices offered, as it could control the weather, bodies of water and ultimately food production. In this way, the Chinese of ancient times came to revere the dragon but also maintained a healthy respect for its power. Today the dragon is a symbol of power and might. It is portrayed in movies, stories, books, seen in myriad tattoos and even video games. This iconic umbrella is our tribute to the mighty dragon. Carry it with you for a fashionable look or simply place it in your home for fabulous Asian decoration.

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28" Dia / 21" Length or
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Rayon and Wood
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Customer Reviews

Jame Dawson, Seaport Hotel -- Boston

Thank you for following up on this. Great Service!!!

Boua Baccam -- Kansas

We purchased this item to take part in one of our ceremonies and it turned out great! We needed to even sew a trim around it and it held up. I would recommend this site and product to all of my friends and family.

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