Yin and Yang

Our Yin and Yang umbrella is one of our most iconic fashion umbrellas. It features the famous Chinese taijiu symbol, which is also colloquially known as yin-yang.

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Product Description

Our Yin and Yang umbrella is one of our most iconic fashion umbrellas. It features the famous Chinese taijiu symbol, which is also colloquially known as yin-yang. Taijiu is the Chinese term for "diagram of the supreme ultimate". The entire shade of this attractive Asian umbrella is painted with the taijiu symbol. The clean look and simple colors of black and white provide this umbrella with a very sleek and artistic appearance. Made from durable bamboo and an oil-treated cotton shade, this umbrella can be used outdoors as well as inside. Carry it with you to shield yourself from the glaring heat of the sun. And there is no need to worry if a little rain gets on it, as this fashion umbrella is waterproof as well. Entirely hand-painted and handcrafted, people who see this umbrella are sure to comment and remark on its beauty. The taijiu icon is also the universal symbol for Taoism, which is a religion that originated in China and teaches the balance and duality of yin and yang in the universe. The yin, or soft and feminine side of life, is depicted by the black. The yang or masculine part of life is portrayed by the white. Together they overlap to form the basis of all life in the universe. The symbol itself was made to look like it has the appearance of moving. At the zenith of each side is a large dot of the opposite color, which is meant to portray how each side blends and transforms into the other. Ultimately, the taijiu symbol is meant to show how the primordial and ever-present energies of masculine and feminine interplay to give rise and sustain the universe. This amazing symbol has been adopted by artists, philosophers, martial artists and common people all over the world. It is often featured in Chinese art work, dojos, books, the Internet and in tattoos. This fabulous yin and yang umbrella is sure to be the hit of your next walk or the ideal decorative accessory in your home or business. Order yours today!

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28" Dia / 21" Length or
35" Dia / 26" Length
Oil-Treated Cotton and Bamboo (Waterproof)
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Customer Reviews

Dawn Grosvenor -- Plano, TX

You have a great little store, thanks so much for your help! I have a daughter with autism and have taught her much in life through that yin yang symbol. I just purchased a boat and have it docked at a nearby lake in a wet slip and people decorate the boat slips with different themes. The boat helps her and other special needs children very much. I will be the only one out there with a very cool yin yang Red Dawn boat slip. :-)

Copeland -- Lawrence University

Thank you, Chad, for all your diligent help in this order. You have been amazing!

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