Oriental Sunset

The sun sets on a small river village. Another stunning Oriental landscape piece, this painting is well-suited for any room.

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The glorious hues of orange and red seen in the sky of this painting evoke a feeling that the work of the day is done and evening is coming. Another stunning Oriental landscape piece, this painting is well-suited for any room.

Chinese art paintings have their origins in the distant past. Some of the earliest old Chinese paintings were created for religious ceremonies and to illustrate every day life. We can see the earliest paintings of China in caves and tombs. The size of the Chinese art paintings varied, as did the amount of detail. Reflected in their paintings were their religious beliefs and superstitions. The look of each Chinese art painting is often a reflection of the mood or temperament of the artist who creates it. During the times of old Chinese paintings, it was said that a true master must first subordinate his own emotions through meditation and purification before a perfect masterpiece can be painted. Artists often dwelled in nature to achieve such a lofty state, often creating beautiful Chinese landscape paintings as a result. Young painters would follow the way of master painters and copy old Chinese paintings to learn their art.

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30 inches x 20 inches
acrylic on canvas
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