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Elevate your patio decor with our exquisite selection of hand-painted patio umbrellas, designed to not only shield you from the elements but also infuse your outdoor spaces with captivating beauty and charm. These outdoor patio umbrellas are available in a stunning array of colors and intricate designs, making them the perfect decorative statement for your deck, patio, poolside, or even indoors, at your next special event.

Each of our outdoor patio umbrellas boasts a generous height of 7 feet and a shade diameter of 6 feet, 4 inches, providing ample shade and adjustable to two levels of height to suit your needs. The base and rod of these patio umbrellas are meticulously crafted from stained oak hardwood, ensuring not only functionality but also a rich, elegant appearance that complements any setting.

For added durability and resistance to occasional showers, the umbrella shade is constructed from oil-treated cotton. However, we recommend taking these outdoor patio umbrellas inside during inclement weather to preserve their vibrant colors and intricate designs. Moreover, all our outdoor patio umbrellas are available with an optional base for your convenience.

In addition to our hand-painted patio umbrellas, we offer a fantastic selection of market patio umbrellas, which share the same impressive features and attention to detail while being painted in bold, striking solid colors.

For those seeking maximum shade coverage from the sun and rain, explore our range of large patio umbrellas, towering at 9 feet in height. These masterpieces are hand-painted on both the top and bottom of the umbrella shade, showcasing vivid and captivating designs that are sure to leave any spectator breathless. Make your patio decor an extraordinary outdoor haven with one of our awe-inspiring large patio umbrellas today!