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Tatami mats have been used by the Japanese for centuries. In general, they serve as floor coverings and are frequently used during tea ceremonies, religious gatherings, for meditation and yoga sessions and to add beauty to any room. We have a range of sizes and several distinct styles to choose from. Check out our complete selection of Japanese mats here.

Tatami mats are a great way to instantly create an authentic-looking Asian decorative theme in any room. The Japanese first invented these mats more than 500 years and ago and they were used exclusively for the nobility class at first. Later, as production of the mats expanded, other classes, such as the Samurai and merchant class, began to enjoy them too. Tatami mats can be used in a number of ways, such as chairs or benches – by stacking mats on top of each other – but most people use them as floor coverings. All of our tatami floor coverings are made in the Far East from Japanese rush grass. A double layer provides extra long-lasting protection and comfort. The inside of the mat is filled with dried rice straw for durability and strength. Additionally, every straw mat has a sewn black border that is bound with twine. The mats are able to endure moisture due to a special resistant barrier inside them. Use these beautiful rush mats in your home, office or studio to create a tranquil environment with an Asian inspired decorative flair.