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Large solid color wall fans are your versatile and captivating answer to wall art, injecting any room with bold, dramatic flair. These oversized gems double as elegant dance fans, unfurling a mesmerizing visual spectacle in dance performances or as props in photography and film. Their vibrant, single-color designs effortlessly seize attention, making them instant focal points that elevate the aesthetics of contemporary and traditional settings alike. Whether they’re adorning your walls, commanding the dance floor, or taking center stage as props, these fans epitomize the harmonious blend of artistry and versatility. With their commanding presence, they are more than mere decor; they are the embodiment of expressive creativity, ready to enhance your surroundings and artistic endeavors in a truly striking fashion. Explore the captivating world of large solid color wall fans and let their bold elegance transform your space into an artistic sanctuary.

When the large solid color wall fans are unfolded they measure 60 inches in width and 35 inches in height. The smaller sized fans measure 40 inches in width and 24 inches in height. These wall fans make the ideal decorative item as they are large, attractive and low priced. We at are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wall fans at the most affordable prices anywhere online.