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They are here! A much asked for addition to our wonderful line of shoji screens and dividers, these sliding shoji doors can be easily integrated into your architecture to produce an instant Japanese style. Sliding shoji doors are an awesome way to bring a sophisticated Asian flair to your home or office. Imagine waking up to the sight of them each day or what it would feel like to slide the panels open? It would be like transporting yourself to an earlier time in Asia, where things were simpler and the decor was almost always traditional, using natural materials. Sliding shoji doors have been used by the Japanese for over a millennia and for good reason. They are simple, elegant and look great. All of our shoji doors are made with quality materials, such as durable Scandinavian spruce wood and hard fiber rice paper. The translucent rice paper allows diffused light through, affording privacy while keeping things bright. All of our shoji doors are designed for constant use and are easy to install. If you are the slightest bit handy, you will be able to install any of these shoji doors with no issues. We guarantee you will love the look and feel of these authentic shoji doors for your home. Select from several designs and a variety of beautiful colors. So what are you waiting for? Create the perfect Asian decorative look in your home with these awesome shoji sliding door kits.