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Table display fans are a cost-effective way to infuse your desk, table, or stand with an authentic and high-quality Asian aesthetic. Crafted from stiff Chinese silk and natural wood, these table fans are not only visually captivating but also come complete with a stylish table fan stand, making them ideal for showcasing your chosen design theme. Each fan boasts double-sided artistry, featuring a mesmerizing design on the front and a brief yet meaningful Chinese character-based saying or poem on the reverse.

Explore a diverse array of over a dozen printed designs, ranging from majestic dragon motifs to tranquil landscape scenes and depictions of legendary figures from Chinese history. These table display fans are versatile, measuring 24″ in width and 13″ in height, ensuring they make a splendid decorative addition wherever they are placed.

These fans are more than just table decor; they can be easily removed from the stand and used as handheld fans or mounted on your wall, providing versatility in your display options. For additional details and a closer look at each table fan, simply click on the options below. Experience the charm of these table display fans and transform your space with a touch of Asian elegance today.