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Our decorative umbrellas feature original designs, consist of all-natural materials, and come in two sizes. Skilled craftsmen hand-paint each Thai umbrella, infusing your home with an authentic Oriental touch. You can carry these fashionable accessories, place them decoratively in any room, hang them as creative lampshades, or prop them attractively in a corner.

Certain Oriental umbrellas are crafted from Saa paper, showcasing stunning Chinese designs on their shades. These versatile pieces add exceptional Oriental decoration to any space and offer sun protection outdoors. A master artisan lovingly handcrafts each Oriental umbrella, reflecting their dedication and expertise. They make splendid gifts.

Our colored fashion umbrellas draw inspiration from the rich tradition of Asian umbrellas, with roots dating back over two thousand years in China. Handcrafted and hand-painted, each fashion umbrella is a unique work of art. Whether displayed as decor in your home or used for sun protection (some are rain-friendly too), our Oriental umbrellas exemplify timeless craftsmanship and style.